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Why is Spring Such a Busy Season for Real Estate?

Year after year spring has been found to be the busiest real estate when looking at the numbers of listings and sales across the nation. This has also often been the case in Pennsylvania. With a busier season comes more competition between buyers and sellers both. Understanding why this season is so busy can help you prepare for what you may face whether you are buying or selling your home.

With warmer weather comes more activity. This is a natural progression of the year, as the days grow warmer, we become more active. For many, by the time winter is over, the thought of moving can be quite appealing. So too can be the excitement of visiting all the open houses sure to be going on.

While there may be more people looking, there’s a good chance not all house-hunters are serious about buying. If you are ready to buy, don’t let the larger number of people viewing a home dissuade you from making a good offer. As a seller, be prepared that you may not get as many offers as you would think, even with a successful open house full of potential buyers.

Tax refunds can inspire people to buy property. Some spring home buyers take advantage of a decent tax return to use the funds towards a down payment on a home. On the flip-side, home owners who get a good-sized return are often able to get repairs and updates completed to prepare their home for listing. While it varies by individual, tax season itself can have an overall impact on the number of people ready to buy or sell come the spring.

Spring can be a more practical season to move. Between summer vacation plans, the weather and the school year, for many, spring is simply an ideal time to buy or sell and plan a move. The majority of Americans take time off in the summer months. For families with school-aged kids this is a practical approach.

Selling or buying your home in the spring can make for a better time to plan a move. Doing so early in the spring can help you be done before the summer arrives. For later spring home sales, buyers and sellers alike have a better chance at timing their move with summer vacation days if needed. For kids a move after the end of a school year can also be less-stressful.

If you are ready for a move this spring, now is the time to get started. When you’re ready to buy or sell property in York County, you want a team you can rely on. The Jim Powers Team of local, experienced Realtors® is here to help you through the entire process. Our goal is to help you from start to finish, with complete satisfaction. Visit our website to learn more, then contact us or give us a call at 717-417-4111, to get the conversation started.

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