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5 Golden Rules to Increase Your Sales Price

We all admire a nicely put together home. Creating a look that showcases your homes best features doesn’t have to break the bank either.

Prospective buyers appreciate feeling “at home” when they are looking to make a purchase, click here for easy, affordable tips on how to stage your home.

A successful home sale:
What NOT to do.

The decision to put your home on the market isn’t always an easy one. Hopefully you’ve launched your journey with a great realtor to help you along the way.

Homeowners can easily find themselves overwhelmed with things to get done. That’s why it is helpful to make note of a few key things that will help you get the most out of your home.
For more successful home sale tips, click here.

4 Key Things to Avoid

• Don’t over-improve: Make the necessary fixes, but try not to go overboard
• Don’t over-decorate: Although you love the color tangerine…not everyone will share your passion. It’s helpful to keep your palate neutral.
• Don’t hang around: In other words, get out the house!
• Don’t take things personally: Buying and Selling a home is emotional. Try to keep your cool.

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