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Open House Tips to Sell Your York County Home

Sellers, scheduling a well-coordinated Open House with your Realtor® may be an integral step towards a quicker sales process. Here we’ll discuss suggestions to make your open house a success.

These ten tips may help attract a qualified buyer and set you in the direction of success in selling your home quickly. Read more about hosting a successful open house at

1. Clear clutter – In a clutter-free house, buyers can picture their belongings inside their new home. Packing up your belongings can help to clear the clutter.

2. Hire a cleaning pro – A cleaning professional will detail your home and get all those hard-to-reach places like tops of ceiling fans, baseboards, and picture hung up high on the walls.

3. Remove family photos – This creates a more neutral feel. Yes, your family is amazing, but buyers need to be able to envision their own family in the space and having your photos there is distracting.

4. Neutralize odors – We’re all used to our own scent so it’s always helpful to ask for a second opinion. If you have litter boxes clean them regularly and also clean your pets.

5. Make repairs – Fix leaking faucets, slow drains, and burned out light bulbs etc.

6. Buy new towels – Spruce up the kitchen and bathroom with new linens.  

7. Set the table – Put out your best linens and china to help buyers to envision entertaining in their new home.

8. Enhance landscaping – Increase curb appeal and attractiveness by trimming bushes, weeding flower beds and mowing the lawn.

9. Organize cabinets and drawers – Showcase adequate storage space by organizing all cabinets and drawer

10. Leave – Make some space and let buyers interact freely with your Realtor® who will be there to help sell your property.  

After you’ve done the above, Realty Times recommends protecting your valuables. Since you’ll already be depersonalizing your home this next step should come naturally. You may wish to place your valuables in a portable lockbox or safety deposit box. Read more about safety and other open house tips at

Contact the Jim Powers Team today for creative ideas to help with your next Open House. Whether you’re looking to sell or are ready to buy, the Jim Powers Team of local experienced Realtors® is here to help you. Visit our website to learn more, then contact us or give us a call at 717- 417- 4111


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