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Go Green with Your York County Move

Green practices help protect and conserve the environment. Within homes today there are a wide range of green products and amenities to help homeowners lessen their carbon footprint. There are also ways you can make your move into a new home an eco-friendly one. Following some easy green practices can also save on some moving expenses, with a bit of planning you too can have an eco-friendly move.

Going green when you move begins limiting waste and avoiding the use of extra supplies when possible. With this in mind, before you go buy a stack of new packing boxes and packing peanuts, use what you already have on hand to pack. If you have saved any boxes from purchases, that’s great, reusing materials is always a plus. Beyond old boxes on hand, utilize suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks too. Old newspapers can be used to help protect items, as can blankets, towels and even sheets.

If you do find yourself in need of boxes, stop by your local market and ask if they have any crates or product boxes available. Chances are they will, you can help them by taking some boxes away, and you’ll save a chunk of change too. Should you need packing peanuts, instead of using traditional, non-environmentally friendly Styrofoam, get eco-friendly packing peanuts made from corn instead. These are readily available at many moving supplies shops and even online. Corn-based peanuts provide the protective cushion of foam but are 100% compostable, a huge plus for the environment.

Another way to make your move eco-friendly is to not move as much from your old home to your new one. Before you move, donate or recycle what you can. By doing so you not only help extend the use of something or aid towards re-purposing of materials, you’ll also make your move easier with less to deal with in your new home.

Should you need the help of a moving company do some research first and hire one with their own green practices in place. Companies which use bio-diesel or fuel-efficient trucks not only release less pollutants into the air, the size of their haulers means fewer trips and less fuel wasted when it’s time to move your things. Many moving companies also offer reusable crate boxes in lieu of cardboard.

An eco-friendly move involves more than just green packing, green cleaning should also be kept in mind. Use natural cleaners such as lemon and vinegar instead of harsh chemicals when cleaning your old home and continue to use them in your new one. There’s also a variety of green cleaning products now available which not only clean well but are simply a healthier option. Once you’ve moved in and unpacked, be sure to recycle all that you can in lieu of throwing things away.  If space allows, you may want to consider breaking down the boxes you do have and storing them for later use.

When it’s time to move consider using green practices, find more tips with this article from Buying a home is made easier when you work with a Realtor® who can put their expertise and knowledge of the local market to work for you. The Jim Powers Team of Realtors® is ready to help you from start to finish.  Let us help you with a new construction custom home at Farm Lane Estates! Visit our website to learn more, then contact us or give us a call at 717- 417- 4111.

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