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Monthly Archives: January 2019

    Architectural Additions Can Add Charm and Value

    By Jim Powers | January 21, 2019

    People are beginning to awaken to the fact that many homes built in the early part of the last century have a lot more character than those built in the latter half, speaking architecturally. Modern builders are trying to recapture some of that character. If you own a home that’s a bit on the plain... Read More

    Private Mortgage Insurance – Do You Need It?

    By Jim Powers | January 14, 2019

    Now that you’re ready to buy a York County area home, there are a lot of aspects to consider. One of these is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Before deciding if you need PMI, you should know what it is, what it costs, and whether it’s necessary.   A PMI policy protects your lender in case... Read More

    Flooring Options for 2019

    By Jim Powers | January 7, 2019

    Whether it’s in preparation for selling your home, or just to remodel, a new floor can brighten your home. The most difficult thing is the sheer number of choices. Flooring technology has exploded in recent years. Be prepared to be “floored” by your options.   Carpeting still accounts for about 60 percent of the market... Read More

    Selling Your York County Home in the Winter

    By Jim Powers | January 4, 2019

    Although most people think the best time to sell a house is in the spring or summer, there are a number of reasons why you may need to place your York County area home on the market during the winter months. You may need to relocate for a new job, or perhaps you need more... Read More